April 6, 2010


Today was the first morning I got up before the kids to do my devotions. Take a wild guess what happens. No sooner did I get my Bible and sit down to start reading then Logan wakes up giggling and yelling for mommy. So I go into his room and he is asking for his train books. I'm thinking ok that's awesome bub, I'll get you those books and you can read while mommy does her devotions. He is content until next Libby gets up. She will usually just crawl up into our bed and lay down. However, this morning she walked out to the living room before coming to our room so Logan saw her walking by and all he wanted was to get out of the crib and play with his sissy. I got him out of his crib and the two of them wanted to watch some cartoons, Logan specifically trains.  I get them set up go back to my room to begin reading and Caitlyn gets up. Good news is she only wanted to lay down beside me. I started reading finally about 20 minutes later than I had planned. But God knows what to point you to right when you need it.

I read Matthew 1-3. There was 1 specific verse that jumped off the page. Matthew 3:8 "Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins and turned from God." John the Baptist was saying this to the Pharisees and Sadducees while he was baptizing. Does this not specifically speak to us Christians now? How many times do you hear people talk about not wanting anything to do with church or talk about Jesus because they say that they have known Christians before and know how they act and they would never want anything to do with those people? How many times have I been that Christian that someone would want nothing to do with? 

Today my goal was to be nice to people. I know pretty general huh. The main thing I wanted to focus on was not talking about other people and not putting them down. Man do I have a lot of work to do.  God has his work cut out for Him. Within being at work 2 hours, I had already started in 6 times. I told one of my best friends what my goal was for the day and as soon as I started she would say "That's 1." By the end of the day, I was starting to become more self-conscious about what I was saying. Tomorrow I am going to have the same goal and also work through the next few chapters of Matthew and see what God wants me to work on. 

Up until this last weekend, I would never have posted anything like this or even said anything like this outside of my small prayer group (which I just got involved in) because I was afraid of what anyone reading would think about me. Here's the thing: Let them think! Let them see what I am writing and let them think about what I am saying and what God is doing in my life. He is working on me and I can see the impact He is having in my life already and I can't wait to see what is coming!  Be prepared. More is coming. I can feel it! 

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