August 18, 2010


Well we have started a new chapter in our life. We are homeschooling now. Hubby and I felt a huge calling by God and a tremendous amount of His signs showing us that we were not supposed to put Caitlyn in our school district but to keep them all home instead. Since then things have been interesting and exciting.

We just started class on Monday. To start with I was going to stick completely with ABeka curriculum. That is still what we are using for our main study for phonics, reading, writing and math. They do some social studies and science but I feel like they aren't quite enough to get her attention and help us keep the little ones interested in something too.

To offset that I am creating science units for them based on things they want to learn about. The first thing was my decision, which they now fully love, is ladybugs. I found some printables online for ladybugs that I will be creating lapbooks for them on as we go along.  We have also gone to the library and got books about ladybugs as well as fun stories to read about ladybugs. Today we read, The Very Lazy Ladybug as well as learned the parts of the ladybug. The kids loved it and have created their own list of questions that they want to learn about.

As well as creating my own science units, we are going to be following a new curriculum for geography named, Expedition Earth. This was created by an awesome blogger, Confessions of a homeschooler. It contains so many different aspects that I will able to keep it adjusted to each kid as well as expand it in future years. She also has a free addition to the curriculum about animals based on the country you are studying. Libby is going to absolute love that part.

I am going to be creating additional projects that I think they will like. Today, Caitlyn and I worked on sewing. She created a pocket purse by sewing together some felt.
We will be creating many more projects to come. Check back in with us tomorrow and I will go over the preschool curriculum I'm using as well as the Bible class idea I'm using.