February 5, 2011

Sorry so long

I am absolutely horrible at keeping this page updated. Rather than try to play catch up I am just going to jump in.

We have started a new curriculum called Alpha Omega Horizons. So far Caitlyn loves it. It is much more fast paced. We just completed our 100th day on Friday! That for me is a huge accomplishment.

I have also started to do read aloud times with chapter books. The kids are interested but don't like the lack of pictures on every page. The first one we completed was Magic Tree House #1 Dinosaurs before Dark. Caitlyn loved it. At the end she created a notebooking page so we can start a story notebook for her.

SO that is where we are at right now with Caitlyn. Oh, we are also doing a new science book too! It is Apologia's Exploring Creation with Zoologoy 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. We haven't finished the first chapter yet but she is starting to develop more of a questioning nature about the book. I'm excited if nothing else!

I will try to update tomorrow with what the other two are doing as well.

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