February 22, 2011

George Washington's Birthday Party

We just started a history unit. My plan is to have it start with George Washington and go through the American revolution time period. We are reading George Washington: Our First Leader from the Childhood of young americans series. We just started it yesterday, but I pre-read some before we started it. I really like it and want to get most of the series for our history lessons. My plan is to also do the Felicity books from American Girl. Those are set in 1774 which will tie in perfectly. My wonderful sister-in-law actually has the set for us to borrow!

While reading our chapter yesterday we realized that Washington's birthday is today! So I came up with a great idea for the kids: a tea party for his birthday! They were so excited. As soon as daddy came in the door from work they were telling him all about it. It is the only question they have had for me today: When can we do the party Mommy? So after naps we went ahead and had the party. We had tea sandwiches with ham. The kids each got to make their own sandwiches. We also had sliced apples and mini chocolate chip cookies. Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying the fun "tea party".


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